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Services We Provide

Sierra Design Group offers landscape architectural services including:


Preliminary Design Development - During this phase, the project is analyzed and the design program is developed identifying client and governing agency’s requirements.  Working with the project team, a preliminary landscape plan is prepared for client approval and submittal for design review to the governing agency.  When needed, Sierra Design Group can provide a color rendering of the preliminary landscape plan, and design elevations.


Construction Documents - This phase provides for detailed drawings that refine the preliminary design, and develops specific installation information for agency approval, competitive bidding and contractor installation including:

  • Landscape grading and drainage plans

  • Construction layout plans with material selections

  • Landscape lighting plans

  • Irrigation plans

  • Planting plans

  • Associated details and specifications


Construction Administration - This scope of services may include assistance with contractor selection, bidding coordination, and site reviews of project implementation.  During this phase, Sierra Design Group assists the owner by reviewing contractor materials submittals, and the landscape construction to verify that the installation is per the approved plans, and can provide the certificate of installation as required by the State water use ordinance.


Sierra Design Group is equipped to design your project and prepare detailed plans to meet governing agency submittal requirements such as:

  • Water Use Ordinances (State and Local)

  • Parking Lot Shading Ordinances

  • Protected Tree Preservation Requirements

  • Development Guidelines 

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